"Christina Kelly was chosen by our client as the voice of Aircalin's Top 40 audio program. Her voice was perfect, she was very easy to work with and millions of worldwide passengers for over 5 years heard the informative and soothing sounds of Christina. Our biggest client American Airlines chose Christina to be the voice of their image sweepers for several audio programs. 109 million worldwide passengers for years to come will hear her abilities as the perfect selection to brand their airline. Producers looking to succeed in any campaign would be wise to choose Christina Kelley as a voice that will reach male, female, young and old." --Kevin Bolt, Senior Audio Producer, In-Flight Productions, Los Angeles

"Besides sounding remarkable, she is extremely versatile and can perform practically any delivery you choose. Christina takes direction well and has terrific intuitive skills when it comes to interpreting copy. I cannot recommend anyone more highly that Christina Kelley for your project!" -- Jhani Kaye, Former Program Director CBS Radio

"There is so much to love about Christina Kelley and her amazing talent." -- Joe Cipriano, Award Winning Television Announcer, Voice Over Artist and Author. On-Air Promos and Creative Services